March 2005 Journal Entries

March 1

Today we had our meeting. Basically one more person is to be interviewed and if nothing comes from this interview then the case will be set aside and when and if any further leads come in they will be investigated. The information that has came in that has been followed up on is that Monica may be in Mexico, Amarillo or who knows where else. There has been no activity on her SS# since October 1999. There has been no arrest or law enforcement contact since that time that has been recorded. There was even information that Monica may be in the bottom of a lake in south Texas. Seems none of the ones interviewed could tell the truth if their life depended on it.

March 2

I attended some training in Amarillo today.

March 3

Rumor has it that Hutchison County Sheriff's Department has found some bones. They have been sent to the medical examiners office in Lubbock.

March 4 - 10

No much has been happening. No news on the bones. There has been another person interviewed in Monica's case. This person has been one that has been of interest since Monica came up missing but could never be found. They had been flagged at all the jails so that if the person was ever encarcerated the jail personnel were to contact the investigator. Well that never happened. This person has been jailed several times and the investigator was never notified until recently when they were located in the State Prison System. They have been interviewed as of last week. but I am unaware of how the interview went. I hope to know more soon.

March 11

I meet with a representative with MAYO who presented the check.

March 12 - 13

Nothing much happened

March 14

I spoke to the investigator who told me that the person interviewed had no further information to add to the case.

March 15 - 18

Nothing much has happened. No news from the bones as of yet. We have been picking up donated items and working on getting the Garage Sale ready to open tomorrow. We have had a great response to donations for the Sale.

March 19

The first day of the Garage Sale was a success.

March 20

The second day of the sale went pretty well. We have raised over 400 dollars.

March 21 - 28

Not much has happened.

March 29

I met with a with Gary Willoughby of T & W Martial Arts of Pampa. We have entered into an agreement with them to host community wide self defense training for all children ages 6 - 18. We are planning the kick off date for sometime in May. We have several dates we are looking at. Several special days to consider. I will update more on this soon.

March 30

Nothing much today.

March 31

I attended a sex offender registration class today. I learned more than I knew on what they should be doing in order to be in compliance. Getting ready for the North Carolina trip.