June 2005 Journal Entries

June 1 - 31

Not much has been happening. There hasn't been much to write about this month. Nothing new on Monica. We have had a few calls come in that have all been turned over to the Investigator. I have my good days and bad days. Some days the pain can be so bad that I am down all day. The muscles in my upper back get so tight that you couldn't drive a truck through them. I went to a pain specialist in Amarillo who says that it is because the muscles are trying to protect the area that is hurt. She gave me a shot in my hip to help with the cramping in my left hip area and left leg. It takes time for things to happen in the worker's comp process. I think once I get the cortizaone shot (or what ever they call it) in my back I will start feeling better. I started physical therapy recently and it has helped also. Hopefully soon I will be back to work. I am going stir crazy here.