February 2005 Journal Entries

February 1

Nothing much happened today. Made more entries into FindMonica.

February 2

Today I was standing in a local conveinence store when I was approached by a young lady. She asked if I was Monica's brother. I told her I was. She told me that she had gone to school with Monica and was praying for her return. She said that she had been contacted by a friend, who had also gone to school with Monica, in Houston that had seen news articles in Houston about Monica and Monica's web site. I am glad it has made it that far south.

February 3 - 4th

Monica's case is getting the attention it has so been needing for a long time. Alot is going on with the investigation and search. We are continuing to put flyers out and keep her name out there. I have been spending a good bit of my time during the week with FindMonica Foundation trying to plan events and programs to help keep our kids safe. We should have our non-profit status soon. I am committed to the project who heartedly. I want to make a difference for the good of this community and others. I want to make sure families have some place to turn for the support they need. I am doing this because my sister would want me to.

February 5 - 7th

Not much going on the last few days.

February 8

Today I got some great news. I got a call from a representative from the Montel Williams Show. They are considering doing a segment on Monica's case. If done it will be done on March 2, 2005.

February 9

A courier (DHL) came by and picked up some pictures that were being sent at the request of the Montel Show.

February 10

I meet with the local "Ladies of the Moose" and gave a presentation. It was a good presentation. They are some very nice people. They have vowed to help out in the future. I placed a "Thank you" to them on Monica's forums.

February 11

I spoke to a Texas Railroad Commission representative. He educated me a little on old oil wells and oil field tank batteries and to how they work. I now know what can and can't be placed in wells. It is amazing how small something would have to be to be placed in them.

February 12 - 16

Not much going on. Things seem to be stalled at the moment. I am pressing on. I have a couple of presentations to make this week. We will see how it goes. We have the paperwork completed for the FindMonica Foundation and ready to send to the IRS. It should be in the mail in the next few days hopefully. Still waiting to here from Montel. We should know something soon.

Recently I had a few things that people have said to me. I guess people do not understand how it is. Someone ask "Why are you doing this now and not before?" I have asked myself that same question. Maybe it was fear of loosing the only lively hood I had! Maybe it was blind faith in others to help in the search! Maybe it was the fact that I was told not to get involved! I had another say to me "You can't save the world, the world don't want to be saved". Well maybe not. But if I can help prevent one family from having to go through what my family and I have gone through then I have done what I have set out to do. People do not want to walk in our shoes because they don't want to think that it will happen to them or don't think it can happen to them. Are you sure? It happen to me why can't it happen to you? Do you know where your children are at all times? Have you taken the steps to make sure that they know what to do if a stranger approaches them? What if that stranger knows their name by chance? I dunno maybe we all need to stick our heads in the sand and maybe it will not affect us. Then again who knows. I have been accused of spending too much time away from my family doing this. Well who else was going to do it? Who else was going to motivate the case enough to get a few new leads? I have been told that I should now back off and let things happen. Hmmm I backed off once. I doubt I can do it again. I have been told that my families safety may be in jeapordy. I am making every effort to make sure they are taken care of and not put in harms way. That tells me people who know things are scared. Maybe more than before? What I don't understand is all the "shunning". That is difficult to comprehend. Is it because I love and care for my sister enough to speak out? I am sure it is. I have learned alot throughout the entire ordeal. In something like this you learn who your true friends are. That is what is sad. I haven't written half of what I have wanted to because of all of this mess going on around me on a daily basis. I have chosen to ignore it and move on. Sometimes it is hard to ignore though. I continously remind myself of my goal. That is to find out what happen to Monica and to help prevent this from happening to others.

February 17

I did a presentation tonight about Monica to the Lefors Tx. action group at the end of a training class I presented to them. I appreciate their allowing me to do this and I hope they got some useful information from it.

February 18

Today I presented Monica's information to the Pampa Downtown Kiwanis. I appreciate them allowing me to do this.

As I was setting up the presentation I overheard something disturbing. I will not mention names but if they are to read this they will know I heard them. As I was getting my equipment set up there was a some individual's preparing the noon meal for the members and guest. The kitchen is located in another area of this location. I overheard someone ask "what the presentation was today". I heard someone tell them that is was about Monica's case. I then heard someone, who I know, say "I don't care to hear about it". I just continued setting up waiting to make the presentation. I do believe, however, that this person knew I was there.

February 21

.Nothin much happened.

February 22

I got an email from the Montel Show representative today basically saying that they were unable to do a segment on Monica's case at this time but would like to do one in the future. I wonder if someone called them or said something when they were contacted by the show to verify it. Makes you wonder.

February 23

I worked on the Find Monica Child ID program that we will try and do in May. I worked on and completed all the documentatio and a form letter that will go out to potential sponsors. Now I need to work on the web site and get the information on it. I will work on that soon. I am going to relax a little this week and get a game plan together.

I am not going to give up on finding Monica. I am just going to have to find and depend on a new way of doing it.

February 24

I didn't do much today just updated the FMF Missing Person database site. We have nearly 300 cases on there.

I am still making plans to attend the CUE Conference in N.C. I look forward to meeting everyone there.

February 25

Started moving mom's things over to my house. She is in the hospital again.

February 26 - 28

Nothing much happening