April 2005 Journal Entries

April 1 - 3

This weekend I flew to Wilmington, North Carolina and attended the Cue Center Conference. It was a very interesting trip. I got to meet allot of people from several different Missing Person organizations. The Cue Center did an excellent job of hosting the event. I offered to host the next one in our area. I had an opportunity to speak during the conference about Monica and what we are doing with the Foundation. I had a great time and learned allot.

April 4 - 15

I thought I should catch up on my entries. We have been working hard on getting the Child ID program information out to the business's and setting a date for the self defense classes in May. We set the dates, posted them on the Foundation web site and sent out the first press release. We will be getting a letter out to all the principals in the schools this week. We sent out the first wave a letters to area law enforcement about the Foundation and our projects. We sent out 40 letters we still have about 40 more to go.

April 16

We had another garage sale today. We sold out of just about everything. We were suppose to have it tomorrow but we have nothing left. I spent a little time reading over some of Monica's journals that she had written. As i read through them I understand more than ever now how much love she had for the kids and my grandmother. No one will ever convince me that she would just up and leave them behind without making some type of contact. All she wrote about was the kids and my grandparents, how much she loved and missed them (grandparents) when she was living in Baltimore Maryland. I never really understood how much it affected her when my grandfather passed away until I read the journal. She really started falling apart. She didn't make many entries after that. The ones she did make you could tell she was in heart felt pain.

April 17

Today it felt good to just relax. We have been going like mad for the past several weeks.

April 18 - 22

We spent this week sending out letters to the other law enforcement agencies across the Panhandle. We have had several sign-up for the self defense classes all week. I spent all day Friday setting up programs at work. We now have an office thanks to First Landmark Realty. Wireless internet has also been provided by Centramedia of Pampa at no cost to the Foundation. We hope to the office renovated by the end of next week. The Board Members have suggested we offer to do the ongoing child identifications in the evenings and on Saturdays. I thought this to be a great idea. Once we have completed the fund raising for the project and have it all set up we will be able to hold more events. Hopefully get as many kids as we can through it. It is so important for the kids sake.

April 23

As I sat watching Court TV today I seen where a psychic has lead police investigators to missing persons. I sit and watch these things and then begin to day dream as to how we, in a small town, could convince a real psychic to help. Over the past several months things have been happening that I never paid to much attention to. Things that were unusual in nature. Most I just blew off. Over the past several months I have noticed that when ever I am near a computer either here at home or in the office it will make a weird noise like morse code. I blew it off at first. It first started at home. Then one day I was in my office and heard it come across the computer speakers. Kind of weird. Then one day as I was walking across the street to come into the building, I walked in front of a truck. This same truck I watched pull up, the driver turn it off, get out and go inside the building. As I walked in front of it it started up. I almost had a heart attack right there. I walked around the truck looked inside and there was no one in it. The doors were locked. I walked into the building and went to my office to calm down. Jut weird stuff like that has been happening. Like something is trying to get my attention or something. Just odd.

April 24 - April 30

I spent this week working to get a bicycle safety program set up. The Foundation made hambburgers and hotdogs for the event. We haven't heard anything about Monica's case in a while. We have not heard a word about the bones that were supposedly found in Hutchison County. That rumor has never been confirmed.