2000 Journal Entries


Nothing memorable came up.


Nothing memorable came up.


I had made a traffic stop after discovering that a female that frequented the same crowd as Monica, was driving a vehicle that Bobby Dorsey was a passenger in. As I conducted the traffic stop and even before the female knew that I was Monica's brother I asked her if she knew anything about Monica. She said that there was a party recently at Bobby Dorsey's house involving several individuals that the topic of Monica's death came up. Dorsey is from Pampa and sometimes trades women in Amarillo to other "pimps" and "drug dealers". I was told that Monica had supposedly ripped off Tealer and he killed her by injecting an object into her vagina and killing her. This was not a sex act but a way of torture. I went over to the patrol car where Dorsey was handcuffed waiting to be transported to jail. I asked him if he knew where Monica was and he told me that she was with Tealer. That is all he would tell me. I then walked over to the female and told her who I was. She became very apologetic and said that she was sorry for what had happened to Monica. I talked with her a little more and asked her to go to the police department and give a statement. She agreed. After getting there she backed out saying that she was scared that the same thing may happen to her. I was having emotion after emotion over this whole night. Now she doesn't want to put it on paper. So I give the information to the investigator in the form of a supplement to the initial report.

Mom contacted an attorney and had he placed as the Primary Conservator of the kids to modify Monica's original divorce papers. That was hard to do. Basically we were taking Monica's rights away as the Primary Conservator. I wish she would come home and we could stop all of this.

After talking with my mom and she telling me all the problems she was having with Lex my wife Connie (not the case investigator) and I decided to take the kids over to our house and keep them. Lex had been getting into trouble and mom wanted me to try and get him straight again. He just keeps getting worse. He really misses his mom.


Around the 1st I sent a letter to Amarica's Most Wanted asking them to review Monica's case. I sent them all I knew up to that point.

Information had come in that a person matching Monica's description was seen in Albuquerque New Me xico . We had been told that Tealer had family there including an ex-wife. So we thought that it could be possible. Desperate at this point my mom and I traveled there and for days passed out fliers, talked to everyone we could think of including police officers we came across. No one had seen her. We even drove all through the area know as the “hell zone”. Something I had never seen before. The city had placed barricades all over this area in the streets to direct traffic due to the amount of crime and the police pursuits in this area. The barricades were solid and would force the traffic one way in and one way out. This totally amazed me. We finally left and came home empty handed. Where could she be?

One the way home the ring gear in the rear differential on my pickup started making a funny noise. I was able to make it back home but had to put a new differential in that week.

On the 15 th I got a letter back from Amaerica's Most Wanted declining to air Monica's case. A few weeks later I saw a missing person case aired and it upset me.


Monica's birthday came and went and we still hadn't heard from her.


Lesleighs birthday and Monica missed it. She has never missed it. Where is she?


Nothing memorable happened.


On the 3 rd a press release was sent out to all the area media. After I announced that I had opened an account at a local bank to help raise funds for a reward. The Amarillo TV news stations came over and did a live interview with my mom.

On the 20 th at approximately 6:30 P.M. the phone rang at my moms' house. My grandmother answers it and whoever it was hung-up. A few minutes later the phone rings again. This time my mom answers it. A man asked if it was “Mrs. Appleton”. My mom told them that it was. He told her that he had something that he wanted to tell her. Mom asked him who he was and he said “I can't tell you that because I am in the “Crips” and if I tell you I will be killed and what I have to tell you will get me killed would also get me killed”. The guy began to cry as he told my mother what had happened. He told her that Monica had been killed and that he was there when it happened. He told her that “Mr. T” had done this. He said that he had watched as “Mr. T” had killed Monica cut her up and was going to take her remains and feed them to hogs. He told her that “I helped pick up the pieces and put them in the bag”. He told her that Monica would never be found. Mother tried to get more information from him but he just disconnected the conversation. My mom called me crying hysterically. I went over there and she told me what ha happened. I called the investigators. This is the second time someone has said that Tealer killed her. Still Amarillo PD will not conduct an investigation. Why?

On the 21 st I was asked to get a statement from my mom as to what had happened with the phone call and everything else about Monica's case. Why hadn't a statement been gotten sooner? Why was I having to do it?

I put out a department wide Me morandum letting everyone know about the reward fund and to please donate. Only Chief Morris made a contribution.


On the 13 th and after some complaining as to why a press release had not been sent out. A press release was sent out to the area media. Nothing else came of it that I am aware of.

It was discussed of placing Lex in Cal Farley's Boys Ranch. He just keeps getting worse with his delinquency. It was decided to contact them and see their requirements.


Mom's birthday comes. Still no Monica.


Lex's Birthday. Monica hasn't called.

Grandmother's health is getting worse. She is in and out of the hospital.

Thanksgiving came. Still no Monica. Where is she? We really miss her.


Christmas came. Monica still hasn't come home. Damn it all.

The 31 st I hurt my back at work.