1999 Journal Entries



In late October or early November my mom came to me and told me that she had not heard from Monica in a few weeks. She was starting to get worried because this was unlike Monica. Monica hadn't picked up her child support checks at the District Clerks office either. Monica would not ever be gone this long. I told her to wait a few more days and see if Monica called or came home. I stayed in contact with mom to check to see if Monica had called or came home. She hadn't.


I contacted the Amarillo police department and tried to make a report. They wouldn't take one because of their “department policy” on missing person cases. I called the Chiefs office identified myself and left a message for Chief Neal to call me. In a couple of days I got a call from a Deputy Chief (I can't recall his name). I went over what I knew up to that point and he said “People leave home all the time of there own free will” and I will never forget what he said next because it made me very angry. He said “there are people who come up missing all the time and we just don't have the man power to investigate every missing person case”. I thanked him for his useless time and hung up.

On November 18th I talked with my supervisor, Tommy Pickering” and told him about Monica. He told me to make a report with our department (Pampa PD). I made the report and he approved it. It was assigned to him to work. There was no criminal investigation division because Charlie Morris had done away with it and put all the detectives back on the streets. Street Officers were investigating their own cases from beginning to end. This didn't last but a couple of years because all the complaints of cases not being investigated. My sisters' case was included. These guys and gals had so much to do and not enough time to do it all and do a good job. I was told that Lieutenant John Goes had advised the investigators that there were other priority cases and they only need work on Monica's case as they had time and “it isn't a crime for someone to be missing”. This made me angry.

Lex's Birthday. Monica hasn't called or came home to see him. This isn't like her. Something has definitely happened.


A Press Release was sent out by the investigators requesting information. I am not sure if anything came in as a result of the release.

On December 13 th an offline computer search was made to see if any law enforcement agency had any contact with Monica recently. Last contact was in October when she was stopped by an Amarillo PD officer.